Andover Top 40 Museum Exhibit 10 October Tomorrow, October 10, 2012, 10:00 am

Check out the Andover Top 40 Museum Exhibit 10 October Tomorrow, October 10, 2012, 10:00 am Andover Historical Society, 97 Main St, Andover, MA 01810.

Andover Top 40 is an exhibit created by volunteers of the Andover Historical Society. It will provide a glimpse at the vast array of artifacts that has been preserved for future Andover generations as seen through the eyes of our magnificent volunteers. Curated by Erin Sheehy, a Tufts University Museum Studies Graduate and Tewksbury native, the Andover Top 40, features 40 objects from the museum collection as chosen by 42 of our volunteers. Teenagers through octogenarians turned out to offer a helping hand in this exhibit. Individuals who have been working here only a few months, as well as those who have spent the past 44 years volunteering for the Society as writers, carpenters, greeters, collections managers, interpreters, tour guides, researchers, librarians and board members offered their assistance with this unique project. The 40 chosen to represent the Andover Historical Society community are truly a unique conglomeration. Several pieces of furniture, including an 18th century sideboard, a 19th century sewing table, and the well-known 19th century cobbler’s bench were chosen by a volunteer greeter, a conservation volunteer, and a collections volunteer respectively. Five historic costumes ranging from the Civil War through the 1920s will be on exhibit because of their beautiful construction or interesting historical connections. More unusual items like a mustache cup, a hair wreath, and a spoon warmer have also been chosen because, while quite standard to 19th century Andover residents, they are unfamiliar to us today. Other volunteers chose to take the more familiar route however, choosing objects like antique toilet paper, a 1950s Andover High School Varsity Letter, and an early 20th century radio. All in all, we have a very wide array of objects to display for you! Each volunteer was photographed by Cristen Farrell Photography. A framed volunteers portrait is displayed next to each chosen obeject and without the generousity of our talented photographer, Cristen Farrell, this project would never have been possible. She has been delightful to work with, and flexible enough to photograph each and every volunteer working on the project! Thank you, Cristen! The Andover Top 40 exhibit will be open to the public through the Spring of 2013 in the Main Gallery of the Andover Historical Society. Don’t miss it!


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